Welcome to the MG Car Club Lincolnshire Centre

Welcome to the MGCC Lincolnshire Centre- one of the twelve UK regional centres of the MG Car Club, that aim to bring together MG enthusiasts so they can participate in locally organised events.


You will find a warm and friendly welcome upon joining the Lincolnshire Centre of the MG Car Club – The Marque of Friendship.

Our aim is to provide a full and interesting Diary of events for our members who may or may not actually own an MG. These events include pub meets, which we call Natters, local Motoring related shows/tours, social weekends and a season of low-cost motorsport including Autotests/ Autosolo and Navigational Scatter competitions.

We have six Natters that are spread around the county and they are an excellent means of meeting other MG enthusiasts, male or female and of all age groups. Each Natter has a Natter Leader who will be pleased to welcome new members. All MG’s are welcome, from pre-war models through to the modern MG cars of today. Come and join us, enjoy your MG and form new friendships with other like minded owners.