2 thoughts on “MG/Triumph Day ( Cancelled)

  1. On 29th July I receive two emails stating an order on each for one £20 ticket on The T & MG Weekend . I did not place these orders. My email were a scam/fraud has been sent and I can only assume this is part of the scam. The card payment number does NOT appear too be one of my cards. Please ensure no payments are taken or refunded to the cards and if you are contacted please let me know. BT security are currently dealing with this scam and my systems are apparently secure. Many thanks Peter AB Prosser MGCC MMM Member

    1. Good Morning Peter,
      As a member of the Lincolnshire MGCC Committee I can assure you that no information is held regarding credit cards. The main club deals with all such National events. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to give me a call. 07855445052.
      Best Regards
      Bill Sharp

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