Rover Day

The event takes place at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre East Kirkby and is a display of MG Cars, Rover Cars, and these are complemented with a number of other smaller marques. On top of this, the venue is superb being the home of “Just Jane” an operating Lancaster Bomber. The only thing the Lancaster does not do is actually take off but during the day the Bomber fires up her engines and taxis around the airfield.

Above is the star of the show “Just Jane” alongside and extremely proud to be in such company are the 3 cars chosen as the best cars of the day. Well done to them on that particular occasion.

On numerous occasions over the years, we have been treated to various flypasts, none more so thrilling are the times when the “City Of Lincoln” part of the battle of Britain flight and only flying Lancaster in this country, treats us to a flypast and some slo-mo aerobatics

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The 2019 Rover Day and MG Display

The 2019 Rover Day and MG Display

A warm mixed day at the Lincolnshire Aviation and Heritage Centre. Below are a few photos from the day.

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    1. Good Morning Roy. I don’t think that event is taking place this year. We havent hod any invitation and checking with the Rover and the East Kirkby sites there is no mention of an event. I will also check with other committee members and update you if I find anything. I see Rover are having a mid lincs event later in the year. Regards Bill Sharp

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