2022 Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation

The 2022 Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation went very well despite many challenges leading up to the night on 26th February.

Although all the Covid legal restrictions were lifted many members were still reluctant to book for this, our largest social event of the year. Only 27 members booked and unfortunately, two members had to cancel the day before due to a positive test for Covid.

Then, on the afternoon of the event, The Olde Barn Hotel informed us that their gas tank supply which should have been replenished automatically was very low and they could not allow guests to stay although the dinner could still go ahead. Fortunately, they rechecked their calculations and decided the gas supply would last until Sunday morning so the guests were able to stay in the bedrooms as booked.

A good time was had by all the select few who did attend the event.

The number of awards to be presented was rather depleted as many events for which trophies are normally presented were cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Awards were presented as follows:-

The Twells Trophy to Darren Keeler

The Brook House B Trophy to Danny Read

The Bush Trophy to Danny Read

The Lincolnshire Sports Car Trophy to Malcolm Clark

The Bryan Scotney Trophy to Mark Bellamy

The Longbridge Trophy to David Stonehouse, Robert Taylor and Helen Blake

The BMC Trophy to Malcolm Clark, Ian Webb, and Michael Denton

The Chairman’s Cup to David Stonehouse

Take a look at the photos and don’t forget to click on the 12 min video presentation.



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