Enthusiasts Awards

We have a number of awards that we give to members who, during the year attend or organise events.

During the year points are awarded to members for these activities and at the end of the year these points are added up and those with the most points in each class win that award.

Our cars also qualify for enthusiasts’ points so each time one of our cars attends an event it will receive points accordingly.

Points Scoring System


Annual General Meeting15
Organise an Event15
Enter Treasure Hunt, Scatter Rally, Autotest, Autosolo, Social Run, Race, Pride of Ownership, Marshal at an MGCC event10
Working Party8
Spectator, Annual Dinner, Quiz, Natter, Luncheon Club3

Lincolnshire Centre Car of the Year Award for the Long Beach Trophy

For entering a competitive event e.g. race, sprint, hillclimb trial, autotest, autosolo,
navigation rally (timed or untimed), concours, Pride of Ownership, gymkhana
For attending to marshal at any event organised by MGCC, or where MGCC is an invited Club15
For taking part in any social event e.g. touring assembly, social run, quiz, AGM, Dinner Dance, supper nights, display show8
For attending a natter, or spectating at any MGCC organised event, or where MGCC are an invited club5

Points are only awarded to MGs owned by Lincolnshire Centre Members. Please ensure you sign on at events and Natters. If you attend an event outside Lincolnshire Centre, please let Sue know the details so you and your car can be allocated your points. The details of the events must have appeared in Safety fast!

We have 3 separate awards to give to Enthusiasts these are:

  • Chippy Stross Trophy awarded to The Enthusiast of the Year includes all MGCC events attended.
  • Mike Taylor Trophy awarded for Lincolnshire MGCC events attended
  • Non Committee Enthusiast’s Award for general membership