New for the MGCC Lincolnshire 2022 Autotest and Autosolo calendar is a ‘Taster’ event or otherwise known as a practise day on Sunday 10th April at the normal East Kirkby location off Fen road (uplifting.rainfall.pouting ) in ‘what three words’  navigation aid.

Aimed at all levels from raw beginner to seasoned experienced – Ian Webb and Malcolm Clark are on hand to divulge pointers to shaving vital seconds off a performance through a series of tutorials with each competitor receiving a Course manual.

The need to cover Site Hire and Insurance costs result in an entry fee of £ 18.00 per driver who will also require the free 2022 Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence – obtained online from Motorsport UK web site

Non members of MGCC will be automatically granted day membership, but will still need an RS Clubman licence.

There will be two areas with cones where free practice as well as tutorial will take place.

Accompanying the day will be a manual on all the various ‘base’ manoeuvres, which form an Autotest or Autosolo – along with simple guidance on test approach, remembering the layout and simple car preparation.

So entries already open and being received –  forms and technical details available on the new web site ( click on link on April 10th in the calendar)  – a great chance to perfect your car control – learn how to complete a ‘J’ turn and work on trimming those seconds off test times.