4 thoughts on “Grand Motorbilia Day

  1. i would like to attend the show at stickney on sunday july 16th 2023
    my cars are austin A35 jag xj308 V8 reg numbers
    A35 741 JTF
    Jag X154 BBV

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’m sure they would be pleased for you to enter your two cars at the show. We as the MGCC are not the organiser and we were invited to the show. Please contact grandmotorbiliaentries@btinternet.com and they will help you. Regards Bill Sharp MGCC Lincs.

  2. We would like to attend the car show on 16th July at Stickney 2 Americans and 3 British Classics our Car Club is “The Reads Car Club”

    1. Dear Mrs Ashley Read,
      I have sent a copy of Motorbilia details by email. This shows contact numbers for Motorbilia.

      Bill Sharp

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